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July 17, 2019 • BY PRNewswire

Mybitcards.com partners with NeoCurrency to provide Bitcoin Gift Cards as digital rewards for loyalty and incentive programs

ALLENTOWN, Pa. /PRNewswire/ — Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. / www.Mybitcards.com has recently partnered with NeoCurrency to offer Bitcoin Gift Cards™ to its international loyalty and rewards B2B clientele.

www.Mybitcards.com is an easy-to-use platform that provides customers with a simple and secure way to redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards for Cryptocurrency. This new partnership with NeoCurrency will make Bitcoin Gift Cards available to the $90 billion incentives market for digital loyalty rewards. Programs featuring travel awards, airline miles, hotel points, retail rewards, market research, employee incentives and sweepstakes promotions will have the ability to offer Bitcoin Gift Cards to their customers.

“We are excited for the opportunity to join NeoCurrency in offering our Bitcoin Gift Cards to the loyalty and rewards industry,” said Ed Gieske, CEO of Mybitcards.com.

“It’s incredible to imagine that millions of consumers will soon be able to redeem their rewards and points and experience owning their first Bitcoin.”

In the following months, www.Mybitcards.com will be launching an exchange tradeable token that can be redeemed for Bitcoin Gift Cards. Consumers will be able to send Bitcoin as payment or as a gift to people worldwide that don’t yet have a Bitcoin wallet. The codes or cards can be sent via text, email, or regular mail. This will open the market to a larger audience that has yet to experience Bitcoin.

“Rewards and loyalty programs have traditionally used cash and brand incentives to increase frequency and engagement,” said Geoff Miller, President of NeoCurrency. “Now by offering Bitcoin Gift Cards, we are opening up a modern currency redemption option for these programs. It should be quite popular with our rewards and loyalty customers.”

www.Mybitcards.com is presently accepting investment opportunities from accredited investors per Regulation D, to conduct a token sale and to launch the Bitcoin Gift Card in 50,000 retail stores, which are already under contract. (IR@Mybitcards.com)

About www.Mybitcards.com

Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. / Mybitcards.com™ is a technology company focused on making Bitcoin easy to aquire through gift cards, rewards, and loyalty points. We believe emerging blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin will become integrated with our daily lives and will fundamentally impact the financial services market. It is our goal to become the most accessible access point for the average consumer to purchase Bitcoin and other currencies. For all media inquiries, please contact: IR@mybitcards.com

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