Digital Rewards for Promotions

NeoCurrency can help you put together digital rewards offers or a prize pool that builds your brand and drives excitement and participation with relevant, unique partners no one else has. Plus, our digital rewards can be delivered immediately in any quantity, and easily integrated into your platform—either on demand by API or downloaded directly from our Reward Dashboard.

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Why We Rock

Our team at NeoCurrency is steeped in decades of marketing experience, including developing and executing promotions that redefined the industry. Along the way, we learned a few things and developed some best-in-class services that set us apart. We can help with:


Brand Partnerships and Strategy

We’ve already negotiated deals with over 2,000 brands. But if you are looking for something else, we can provide strategic advice, handle all of the negotiations and take care of creative approvals.


Rebates & Incentives

We know sometimes the best prizes are cash prizes. We can help reign in fulfillment costs. Avoid obstacles presented by multiple currencies. And provide a range of partners from Visa and MasterCard Prepaid to PayPal and Venmo.


Consumer Sweepstakes

Whether you are looking for one mega-prize from a single brand or building out a multi-brand prize pool, with or without tiering, we can provide and deliver the digital rewards you need. We also have years of expertise in dealing with the gamer community and know how to minimize their influence.


Buy/Get Campaigns

These programs are often very effective when you are launching new products or driving acquisition. We can help you successfully achieve your goals regardless of means of entry, from receipt scanning to text and QR codes.


Frequency Programs

We can help you develop and/or execute programs designed to push multiple purchases for a single brand, cross sell or multiple brands within a limited timeframe. We’ll find the most effective partners to drive that additional sale.

Why Digital Rewards Work

You know why they work. Here’s why we think we make them work a little harder.

We leverage consumer insights to develop our digital rewards to ensure relevancy.

Our catalog offers brands no one else offers.

We make it easy for you to refresh your catalog with new brands.

Replacing physical merchandise with digital rewards removes costs and headaches.

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Do Everything, Easily from Our Digital Reward Dashboard