Our Brand Rewards

Sometimes, the best digital rewards solution is simply providing access to brands consumers love and use every day. We’ve pre-negotiated deals with over 2,000 brands, including some of the biggest and most popular ones in the world.

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Why We’re Awesome

Our team at NeoCurrency is steeped in decades of marketing experience, having working for, and with, many of the blue-chip brands consumers love. We’ve learned a lot from these relationships. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to put together the most unique portfolio of brands available for our digital rewards offerings. We can help with:


Top-Tier Brands

Sometimes, the main thing people are looking for is simply the biggest brands. That’s why our catalog includes popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Walmart and many others.


Lifestyle Brands Others Don’t Have

Modern living demands modern brands. We specialize in providing access to consumer favorites like Apple, GrubHub, Hulu and Spotify.


If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Get It

We believe our catalog is pretty complete, but if there’s a specific brand you’re looking for and you don’t see it, just let us know. We’ll reach out and handle all the negotiations for you.


Wholesale Pricing

No matter the number of digital brand rewards you are looking for, we discount every single one, so you can maximize your budget.


We Handle Creative Approvals

We’ve already negotiated permission for use of all the brands in our catalog. We know the creative requirements. If you need us to get a new brand, we’ll handle the creative approval of that brand as well—at no additional cost to you.

Why Digital Brand Rewards Work

You know why they work. Here’s why we think we make them work a little harder.

Our digital brand rewards save time and hassle compared to physical merchandise.

It’s easy to refresh your loyalty catalog with new, modern brands.

It’s easy to build your entire promotional prize pool in one place.

Relevant brand rewards can add some sizzle to sales incentive programs.

In-demand lifestyle brands can make it easier to recruit market research participants.

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