Digital Rewards for Loyalty Programs

NeoCurrency can help you inspire affinity and drive increased purchase activity over time by keeping your rewards catalog fresh and interesting with unique and relevant lifestyle brands. Apple, DoorDash, Spotify, and Uber are just a few of the modern, highly in-demand brands we offer to keep your members engaged and happy.

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Why We Rock

Our team at NeoCurrency is steeped in decades of marketing experience, including developing and executing loyalty programs that redefined the industry. Along the way, we learned a few things and developed some best-in-class services that set us apart. We can help with:


Brand Partnerships and Strategy

It starts with understanding your consumer, what they want, and what will trigger activity. We have tons of experience with this and can work with you to develop or refine your current strategy. We then will figure out which of our thousands of brands will work best. We can also negotiate new partnerships for you, if that’s where the strategy leads.


Approvals and Onboarding

All of the brands we currently work with are pre-approved for use in Loyalty Programs. So, if you see it on our list, you can use it in your program. No surprises. No disappointment. No wasted time or effort. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can contact and negotiate with that brand, and handle all of the creative approvals as well.


Agency Partners

Working with other agencies is nothing new to us. We’ve done it forever, in just about any configuration you can name. So, if you already have a rewards program or other agency partner, we’re happy to work with them if we can bring something new to the table—whether that’s a strategy, an idea, or a couple of new brands.


Increased Point Burn

Sometimes the most critical thing you need to do for a Loyalty Program is to get your members to use their points. It can be a costly liability (and honestly, it scares some people off from these programs altogether). But never fear, we’ve seen it all and we know how to motivate participants with limited-time offers (and a few other things we’ll be happy to discuss).


Sweepstakes Concepting

Even the best Loyalty Programs can hit a lull now and then. Sweepstakes are a fantastic way to generate new news and ignite activity. We can help you come up with ideas or work with any of your partner agencies to develop some exciting and motivating concepts.

Why Digital Rewards Work

You know why they work. We think we make them work a little harder because:

We offer a catalog with over 2,000 brands you can choose from.

We’ll refresh your catalog with in-demand brands no one else offers.

Replacing physical merchandise with digital rewards removes costs and headaches.

We know how to keep consumers actively engaged.

We leverage consumer insights to develop our digital rewards to ensure relevancy.

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