One Gift Card API Enables 2000 Brands in 60 Countries

Immediacy is a big benefit of digital rewards and incentives. With NeoCurrency, you can deliver rewards anywhere, to anyone, in an instant. One reward. Bulk rewards. Single currency or multiple. Integrating with our single gift card API is the best way to seamlessly receive and deliver rewards, incentives or payments in the most convenient way for your program… on demand.


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Real Time Access to Rewards Around the World

Request rewards and incentives as you need them and since we’re allergic to fees here at NeoCurrency, we keep our API pricing simple… like free simple. There are no set-up fees, no transaction fees, no delivery fees, and no order minimums, either. Plus, our sandbox environment allows you to securely integrate, test and deploy without financial risk.

Immediate Access to Payment Options

Once integrated into our gift card API, you’ll immediately have access to over 2,000 brands in our global reward catalog. You can then pull all relevant brand details directly like terms and conditions, reward image, logos, and marketing descriptions as quickly as you need them.

Rewards and incentives come in various forms:

Or let them decide with NeoCurrency’s Reward Choice – a universal reward link that allows the end recipient to select their reward from 100s of brands.


Delivery Across the World

From a single dashboard account, our gift card API can deliver digital rewards and incentives to 140+ countries across six continents in 50 currencies. We offer a multi-currency, global API for clients who need just one country/currency or those who need access to digital rewards across the world.

    We can deliver rewards to regions that are typically difficult to deliver to like Australia and countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Mexico. In fact, you’ll find some of the top brands in our reward catalog including Amazon in 20 countries, Apple Gift Card in 16 countries, Google Play in 8 countries, and Visa Prepaid and Mastercard Prepaid in 141 countries. Plus, deliver digital payments with our PayPal and Venmo rewards in 24 different currencies.

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Send Custom Emails Directly from the API

Our intuitive reward dashboard features a custom email builder to help you make the most out of every opportunity. Every time you send out a digital reward is another chance to build a relationship between your brand and some happy recipient.

  • Easily create and deliver branded reward emails, with custom messaging.
  • Emails can be created and sent individually, or in bulk.
  • Email templates can be saved to keep better track of your campaigns.

People are excited and happy to receive their reward, make sure your brand is associated with that moment!

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