About NeoCurrency

Two decades of creating ground-up promotions and loyalty programs for Fortune 100 brands has taught us a thing or two about this whole reward thing. For instance, we’ve figured out that offering more choices of relevant brands, keeping it simple, supporting our customers and staying a step ahead technologically provides a pretty rewarding experience for our clients.

That’s why companies of all sizes use NeoCurrency to provide rewards for Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Market Research Incentives, Employee Recognition and Sales Incentives.

Leadership Team

Our team is stacked with award-winning industry leaders with a proven track record of developing and executing some of the most iconic and influential reward programs ever.

Geoff Miller


After years of working at blue-chip agencies like Leo Burnett and developing online rewards and loyalty programs for brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal and Nokia, Geoff decided to follow his entrepreneurial muse and founded NeoCurrency.
The idea was simple. Take everything he’d learned along the way, keep the good, eliminate the bad, and add in a few new wrinkles to create a modern company designed to deliver digital rewards better, faster and easier than anyone else. So far, so good. But that doesn’t stop Geoff from continuing to look for new ways to reinvent the industry. It’s just what entrepreneurs do.

Josh Storm


Not surprisingly, Josh also worked on industry-defining rewards programs like McDonald’s Monopoly and Coke Rewards, driving the creative while keeping an eye on meeting the marketing goals and objectives of clients. Not always an easy line to walk. But being a good partner is kind of in Josh’s DNA. And that’s a big reason NeoCurrency is so successful at developing excellent partnerships with clients, brands and each other. Josh always thinks there’s a better way to do something. A smarter way. A more creative way. A more effective way. He’s just built like that. Which is great. Because you can’t reinvent the industry if you’re satisfied with what you’re doing.

Eric Thiegs

Head of Strategy & Growth

Over the course of his 25-year career, Eric has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the industry having brought to market one of the first B2B gift card APIs, as well as being the primary architect of the ‘Gift Card Maturity Model.’ His wealth of knowledge in incentives, payments, rewards, and gift cards is only exceeded by his desire to find innovative solutions to the challenges current, and future, clients face. He is a big believer in the spirit of building strategic partnerships and thinks collaboration is key to any company’s success. He is a frequent speaker, presenter, and roundtable participant at industry events and conferences including NRF, Loyalty360, RGCA, and IMA Summit.

Breanna Sozio

Director of Client Success + Partnerships

Breanna joined NeoCurrency because it gave her an opportunity to spend her days doing two things she really likes—making clients successful, and coming up with new ideas for digital rewards. She’s got over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and excels at developing brand partnerships. Like, when you call and say, “I need such and such in a week” and other companies say, “You’re crazy,” Breanna’s like, “No sweat,” and goes and makes it happen. Officially, she’s our Director of Client Success + Partnerships. But that’s just because if we put all the things she does at NeoCurrency into a title, it would be really long and awkward.

Tim McKenzie

Business Development Director

Tim’s path to NeoCurrency started almost 20 years ago when he joined American Express Incentive Services. He spent his time there analyzing the needs of various Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 brands, and developing tailored solutions to improve their business results. His multiple Platinum Awards for Excellence from the company are testaments to his abilities. Eventually, his entrepreneurial spirit sent him looking for new challenges at an online gift card incentive company where his skill of developing relationships and turning them into business opportunities led to rapid growth for the company. He’s seen it all. Done it all. Which makes him the perfect guy to help us do it better than anyone ever has.

Pavithra Jayapaul

Reward Manager

Pavi has spent over 20 years honing her unique skillset of copy editor, customer service, quality control, engagement and project management into what we now call Reward Manager at NeoCurrency. By working on both national and international companies, she has become quite an expert on global trends. But while she excels at helping clients develop solutions, she’s even better at making sure those rewards get delivered smoothly and seamlessly to the people who deserve them.

Matt Maday

CTO, Board of Directors

Matt isn’t just an entrepreneur. Like so many of us here at NeoCurrency, he’s also an inventor, educator and athlete. He’s been a CEO, and is credited with inventing PromoVantage (look it up) and BRANDflex (check this out too). He taught at Columbia College in Chicago, sits on a few boards, and runs crazy races. Yet, he still has the time, talent and ability to be responsible for the development, security and architecture for the incredibly simple and intuitive NeoCurrency Dashboard platform and API.

César Aguirre

UX Director

With almost twenty years of experience in conceptualizing, planning, executing and improving digital products and services, César is a seasoned user experience veteran. He has led UX programs for agencies including Wunderman and the Marketing Store, as well as brands like Scotiabank and Belcorp. His ability to understand business objectives, technical restraints and customers’ needs—all at once—is a big reason our innovative digital platforms and products tend to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Happy clients are our best reward

The NeoCurrency team are true partners and work with us to develop the most successful strategies for our consumer promotions.

– Daryl P. SVP America’s

NeoCurrency’s refreshingly unique rewards catalog is perfect solution for the variety of clients and customers we support.

– Amy M., Purchasing Manager

We can customize, manage and automate our incentives delivery, improving panelist satisfaction and respondent engagement.

– Steve M., VP Strategic Partnerships

You know you have an amazing partner when everything just gets done. And if there are any issues, they are quickly addressed.

– Tim G., Co-Founder

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What kind of discounts are available for reward brands?

Discounts range from 2% to 95%, depending on the brand. Most major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and Walmart are typically on the lower end of the spectrum. Specialty retailers normally range between 4%-10%, and a few promotional brands provide higher discounts.

How do you guys make money?

We think providing a good value to our clients for a long time is a more profitable way to do business than trying to make all we can in one shot. We pre-negotiate a wholesale discount with each brand we offer, take a percent or two to run our business, and then pass the rest along to our clients. You can offer rewards to your clients and keep the discount or pass it along to them. Your call.

Why is NeoCurrency allergic to pricing games?

We think life is short, and there are better things to do than try to rip people off. Plus, we think keeping things straight forward and honest is easy to remember.

What prepaid rewards do you offer?

We offer cash options like Visa Prepaid in the United States and Canada, which is accepted in over 140 countries. For global rewards, we have Mastercard Prepaid in USD, CAD, GBP and EUR. We also offer American Express Virtual Accounts, PayPal and Venmo.