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NeoCurrency can help you recruit the right people for your research project, which, as you know, isn’t always easy. You aren’t always looking for the same kinds of respondents, so you can’t always rely on the same kind of reward, unless, of course, it’s cash. However, even cash comes in different forms, which is why we offer a range of cash options to motivate people to be participants for panels, groups and surveys anywhere in the world, whether it’s a few people or thousands.

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Why We Rock

Our team at NeoCurrency is steeped in decades of marketing experience. We’ve relied on research as much as anyone, and eaten as many M&M’s behind the observation glass as anyone. We’ve learned a few things along the way about what digital rewards incentives get the right people involved in market research to uncover the insights we needed. We can help you with:


Wholesale Pricing

No matter the number of people you are trying to recruit, we discount every cash reward you need—even if it’s just for one person. It’s a simple way to maximize your budget.


Always Fee-Free

Our competitors love fees. We don’t. Simple as that. No monthly fees. No yearly fees. No bi-annual fees. No fees at all. We don’t even have a required minimum, so, you guessed it—there’s no minimum fee either.


Prepaid, Global + Modern Cash Options

We offer simple solutions and a full range of options that provide flexibility and cost-efficiencies in the US, Canada and around the world—from Visa and MasterCard Prepaid to PayPal and Venmo, plus many, many more.


Kinda Like Cash, Maybe Even Better

These days, certain brands are just as appealing as cash, because that’s pretty much how some people do most of their shopping. That’s why big brands like Amazon, Walmart, and many similar brands are available through NeoCurrency.


Bulk Email Deployment

We make it easy for you to deliver whatever digital rewards option you’ve selected to your entire market research panel at once which saves you time and effort, letting you focus on doing the research and analyzing what you’ve learned.

Why Digital Rewards Work

You know why they work. Here’s why we think we make them work a little harder.

We leverage consumer insights to develop our digital rewards to ensure relevancy.

Our catalog offers brands no one else offers.

We make it easy for you to refresh your catalog with new brands.

Replacing physical merchandise with digital rewards removes costs and headaches.

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