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Whatever kind of program you are looking to create, improve, or reinvent, we can help. We have over 2,000 brands in our digital reward catalog in 50 global currencies, a variety of cash prize options, as well as years of experience developing and executing some of the most influential promotions and rewards programs ever.

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Almost every promotion has a prize pool, and to be quite honest, most of those prize pools look the same. So much for brand differentiation.

NeoCurrency can help you put together a prize pool that builds your brand and drives excitement and participation with relevant and unique partners no one else has.

We make it simple to add brand partners to your sweepstakes, instant win games or buy/get promotions. We can quickly and efficiently handle all partner approvals and provide you with creative brand assets at no additional charge, so your team can focus on running a successful promotion.

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We’ve Got an Affinity for These

We all know retaining customers is far cheaper than attracting new ones. But these days, establishing and maintaining brand loyalty is harder than ever.

NeoCurrency can help you inspire affinity with your members by keeping your reward catalog fresh and interesting with digital rewards for unique and relevant lifestyle brands including Apple, DoorDash, Spotify, Uber, and many more. Working with these leading-edge brands is one of our specialties.

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Market Research Incentives

Research Says People Like Money

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Recruiting the right people for every research project is critical to the quality of the resulting information, and ultimately, your success. With such diverse audiences, cash rewards have proven to be effective.

NeoCurrency can help you motivate people to participate in your panels, groups, and surveys with a range of cash reward options anywhere in the world, whether it’s a few people or thousands.

We offer Visa Prepaid, which is accepted in over 140 countries, as well as MasterCard Prepaid in USD, CAD, GBP and EUR. Additionally, we offer American Express Virtual Accounts, PayPal and Venmo.

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employee recognition

Employee Recognition

Appreciate the Best, with the Best

Making sure your best employees feel valued, recognized and understood is proving to be more important than ever, especially in this expanded environment of remote working.

NeoCurrency can help you diversify your existing rewards catalog or help you launch a new one with all the brands you need.

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Sales Incentives

Better Than a Set of Steak Knives

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Sales is the lifeblood of just about any business. There are quotas and targets and tons of pressure. It often requires exceptional individual effort from people spread around the world to achieve success.

NeoCurrency can help you make sure your sales stars feel like stars by creating incentive programs tailored to provide relevant and motivating reward options all over the globe.

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Do Everything, Easily

Reward Distribution and Integration

It’s Immediate and Convenient

With NeoCurrency, you can deliver digital rewards immediately whether it’s one reward, bulk rewards, a single currency or multiple currencies. Our flexible platform allows you to receive and deliver codes in the most convenient way for your platform—either API or FTP transfer.

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