Digital Rewards for Employee Recognition

NeoCurrency can help you develop a flexible program that makes it easy for you to make sure your best employees know you recognize, appreciate and value their efforts, which is more important than ever with so many people working remotely.

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Why We Rock

Our team at NeoCurrency is steeped in decades of marketing experience. We’re also well versed at being both employees and employers. We know how important it is to recognize your best, we understand what happens when people feel under-appreciated, and we know how these things can affect your culture and morale for better or worse. We’ve learned some important lessons along the way, which is why we can help you with:


Employee Digital Reward Options

Companies are different. Employees are different. This is why we offer over 1,000 brands in our catalog, including hundreds of options you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, all in one place.


Modern Lifestyle Brands

Today’s employees want today’s brands, especially when it comes to things like food, music and video. We specialize in providing access to these in-demand brands including Apple, DoorDash, Hulu, Spotify, and Uber conveniently through digital rewards.


Customized Email Delivery

We make it easy for you to securely deliver your digital rewards directly to your employees, along with a personal message of thanks and recognition.


Campaign Management

Company or department wide contests and incentive programs for employees can be difficult and time-consuming to manage, especially when you want to keep momentum going. We can help you create and manage internal programs from concept to reward delivery through our intuitive dashboard.


Wholesale Pricing

No matter the number of people you are looking to reward and recognize, every digital reward in our catalog is discounted to help maximize your budget.

Why Digital Rewards for Employees Work

You know why they work. We think we make them work a little harder because:

No two employees are the same which is why we offer over 2,000 brands.

We are constantly adding more modern, in-demand digital lifestyle brands.

More relevant brands make employees feel understood and increases retention.

Managers can leverage custom emails to surprise and delight team members.

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Do Everything Easily from Our Digital Reward Dashboard