Digital Rewards for Sales Incentives

NeoCurrency can help you make sure your best salespeople feel like stars by creating incentive programs tailored to provide relevant and motivating digital reward options all over the world. Having great digital rewards for sales incentives is important. After all, sales are the lifeblood of just about any business.

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Why We Rock

Our team at NeoCurrency is steeped in decades of marketing experience. Sure, marketing is about lots of things like brand awareness, image, and distribution, but at its core, marketing is about sales. We’ve worked for all kinds of companies in all kinds of capacities, and we’ve learned a few things about using digital rewards to motivate sales teams along the way. We can help you with:


Digital Reward Options

These days, sales teams can be located all over the country, or all over the world. That’s why we offer over 2,000 brands in our catalog including hundreds of options you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, all in one place.


Modern Lifestyle Brands

Today’s sales people want today’s brands—especially when it comes to things like food, music and streaming. We specialize in providing access to these in-demand brands including Apple, DoorDash, Hulu, Spotify and Uber using convenient and friendly digital rewards.


Customized Email Delivery

We make it easy for you to securely deliver your digital rewards directly to individual salespeople or entire sales teams, along with any message you’d like to pass along to recognize their efforts and achievements.


Campaign Management

Company or department wide sales goals and sales incentive programs can be difficult and time-consuming to manage, especially if it’s a global effort. We can help you create and manage these programs through our intuitive dashboard.


Wholesale Pricing

No matter the number of people you are looking to incent, every digital reward in our catalog is discounted to help maximize your budget.

Why Digital Rewards Work

You know why they work. Here’s why we think we make them work a little harder.

Create programs that let them choose from over 2,000 brands including Amazon, Starbucks, and more.

We are constantly adding more modern, in-demand digital lifestyle brands.

We can deliver cash payments to over 142 countries.

Our digital cash rewards options range from Visa, Amex and MasterCard Prepaid to PayPal and Venmo—and many more.

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