Over 2,000 rewards, all at your fingertips.

Deliver rewards in 50 currencies around the world from a single API and dashboard.


Incentivize Your Global Research Participants

No matter where your panelists are located, we have incentives to attract them and reward them for their participation.


No One Can Match Our Rewards

From what you’d expect to what you wouldn’t, we offer the rewards that people want most.


The best way to source and deliver digital rewards

Every day we work to make sure working with us is as rewarding for you as it is for your customers, consumers, employees or participants.


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All NeoCurrency Rewards Offer Choice, Simplicity and Value

And that’s good. Because that’s what everyone wants to deliver successful programs.

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Rewarding People is Good Business

Rewards are a powerful tool to incent action, build affinity and of course, reward your target. But to be really effective, you need the right mix of brands, partners and, of course—cash options.

Companies of all sizes, all over the world, use NeoCurrency to provide rewards for Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Market Research Incentives, Employee Recognition and Sales Incentives. No minimum. No maximum. Just an ever-expanding catalog of the most unique and relevant rewards, tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Do Everything, Easily

Our intuitive NeoCurrency Reward Dashboard makes it simple to do everything from ordering and sending rewards from over 50 currencies to managing your budget and analyzing results.

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There’s no better way to really understand what NeoCurrency can do for you than to see it for yourself with a demo. It’s quick and easy. Like everything else we do.

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It’s Simple

Our goal is to make it easy and transparent. No shell games. No 3-Card Monty. Just a phone call or email with our client success team. They’re allergic to pricing games—which we think you’ll find refreshing.

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Send one reward if you want. Great way to try us out.


You won’t be charged monthly or per reward fees.

Wholesale Pricing

From 1 to a zillion rewards.
With a discount for every brand!

Happy clients are our best reward

The NeoCurrency team are true partners and work with us to develop the most successful strategies for our consumer promotions.

– Daryl P. SVP America’s

NeoCurrency’s refreshingly unique rewards catalog is perfect solution for the variety of clients and customers we support.

– Amy M., Purchasing Manager

We can customize, manage and automate our incentives delivery, improving panelist satisfaction and respondent engagement.

– Steve M., VP Strategic Partnerships

You know you have an amazing partner when everything just gets done. And if there are any issues, they are quickly addressed.

– Tim G., Co-Founder

Reward yourself with a true partner, these global brands did:


What kind of discounts are available for reward brands?

Discounts range from 2% to 95%, depending on the brand. Most major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target and Walmart are typically on the lower end of the spectrum. Specialty retailers normally range between 4%-10%, and a few promotional brands provide higher discounts.

How do you guys make money?

We think providing a good value to our clients for a long time is a more profitable way to do business than trying to make all we can in one shot. We pre-negotiate a wholesale discount with each brand we offer, take a percent or two to run our business, and then pass the rest along to our clients. You can offer rewards to your clients and keep the discount or pass it along to them. Your call.

Why is NeoCurrency allergic to pricing games?

We think life is short, and there are better things to do than try to rip people off. Plus, we think keeping things straight forward and honest is easy to remember.

What prepaid rewards do you offer?

We offer cash options like Visa Prepaid in the United States and Canada, which is accepted in over 140 countries. For global rewards, we have Mastercard Prepaid in USD, CAD, GBP and EUR. We also offer American Express Virtual Accounts, PayPal and Venmo.