Looking for Amazon.com Gift Cards?

You’ve come to the right place.

NeoCurrency offers bulk digital rewards for promotions, loyalty catalogs, employee rewards and market research incentives. Even better, you’ll get a discount off the face value.

Order Amazon.com Gift Cards and digital rewards in bulk, send email rewards from our Reward Dashboard or order in real time from our API.

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And that’s good. Because that’s what everyone wants to deliver successful programs.

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Rewarding People is Good Business

Rewards are a powerful tool to incent action, build affinity and of course, reward your target. But to be really effective, you need the right mix of brands, partners and, of course—cash options.

Companies of all sizes, all over the world, use NeoCurrency to provide rewards for Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Market Research Incentives, Employee Recognition and Sales Incentives. No minimum. No maximum. Just an ever-expanding catalog of the most unique and relevant rewards, tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Do Everything, Easily

Our intuitive NeoCurrency Reward Dashboard makes it simple to do everything from ordering and sending rewards from over 20 currencies to managing your budget and analyzing results.

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There’s no better way to really understand what NeoCurrency can do for you than to see it for yourself with a demo. It’s quick and easy. Like everything else we do.


What kind of discounts are available for reward brands?

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How do you guys make money?

We think providing a good value to our clients for a long time is a more profitable way to do business than trying to make all we can in one shot. We pre-negotiate a wholesale discount with each brand we offer, take a percent or two to run our business, and then pass the rest along to our clients. You can offer rewards to your clients and keep the discount or pass it along to them. Your call.

Why is NeoCurrency allergic to pricing games?

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What prepaid rewards do you offer?

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